Because to any reasonable person out there we already saw through all of his garbage. This is who trump is! Sadly, his supporters are as delusional and fucked in the head as he is.

But yes. Welcome to America, the Reality Show.

By capturelife26


I don’t understand why my story doesn’t matter. Even to people who claim otherwise….

Just why? Why not?

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Say what?

“Trump is such a godly man. A true Christian ”

“well his behavior kinda proves otherwise”

“How dare you! You can’t judge if someone is or isn’t a Christian”

“Back atcha….”

If you can say he is, I can say he isn’t. Don’t like it? Stop being a hypocrite.

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For sure! I laughed so hard.

Also, Trumps bringing back Christmas y’all. I’m not sure where it went, but it has to be brought back! Last I checked, Christmas was still a word that was used and a holiday thAt was celebrated by tons of people.

I guess trying to be inclusive of other holidays celebrated at the same time is “politically correct”. We should totes be selfish and make it all about our holiday. Because rudeness and consideration of others is so wrong and nonsense! 😉

Glad to see Christian Americans have their priorities straight as usual….

By capturelife26

Benefits of being a boss

You can leave work early. You can go get your hair cut. Take your dog to a vet. Go out for lunch. Go home sick or to take a nap whenever you want.

While your employees have to find time in the evening, only get so many sick days, can’t find time to get appointments done.

You can have more pay and more say. You can make a mistake and it’s not a big deal.

While your employees make just over minimum wage, feel stress and when they make a mistake, it’s boss freak out time.

I dunno anymore.

What’s the point.

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It’s like trying to converse with a tantruming 2 year old. Fingers in the ears and tongue stuck out. They don’t want to listen.

But sure. Call me an ignorant evil liberal who just wants to save some lives. That’s cool. It means I have a heart.

By capturelife26


I can’t wrap my head around people hearing stories of others deaths, the trauma, the loss, the pain… and for them to keep regurgitating the same, “guns aren’t the problem” garbage.

How can you even say that? How insensitive can you be?

Here’s a question, if you could even prevent one wife or husband from losing their spouse, one mother or father from losing a child. One child from losing a parent. One sibling losing another sibling. One friend losing a friend. Would you?

Would you?

By capturelife26


If guns don’t kill people….

Then walls won’t keep illegals out.

And travel bans won’t keep terrorists out.

You say, criminals will always find a way? Yes! So why you building walls and wanting travel bans? How about we just hand them some guns while we are at it. Since you clearly are in bed with guns and violence…

But use your own weird logic and grow a brain.

Maybe we can do something to reduce the number of people killed. Just maybe. If you actually gave a fucking damn. But nah. You don’t care. Human life isn’t as important as your previous weapons.

And clearly the first amendment means nothing to you so spare the bull shit song and dance of the second amendment and it’s importance.


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Fuck you

I’m sure it’s easy to celebrate shit when you haven’t been a victim of it.

So to you guys, FUCK YOU. And FUCK OFF.

God dam hate you.

By capturelife26

Of course!

Of course it took a man to fight and give women “sexual freedom”.

Of course…

Because men have to make everything about themselves.

This will be a good day to avoid stupid men.

By capturelife26