Can’t speak. 


Get lost in fiction you wish you had but never will. 

By capturelife26


I hope everyone in my house enjoys eating a slice of bread for dinner every night…

By capturelife26


Ignore a problem long enough and it will go away?!?!


Fuck that. 

Fuck You. 

By capturelife26


Idk about this idea. And I want to talk about it somewhere.

But there are people on etsy who sell digital downloads of their photography. 

I mean, people could literally just steal some of mine if they wanted. But! I like that idea! I can’t make cards now. Can’t afford it. Haven’t made cards in over 2 years. And gosh I want to do bad!

But, if I ventured out to sell digital downloads of some of my pictures , if people even would want to pay for them lol, I could save up to make more cards and sell them too. 

I’ve always let fear stop me from trying this. My confidence is still low In this area. And I know hardly anyone reads my blog anymore, but… I just wonder if that sounds like a good idea to other people. 

So the idea excites me and terrifies me at the same time. I’d love to just start something! And I also fear rejection. So idk!


By capturelife26


I’m not explaining anything to anyone anymore. 

You will never know me. So why should I care. Assume away. You’re not that intelligent anyway. So gtfo. 

By capturelife26


Donald trump is president, but conservatives are soooooooo persecuted and abused and aren’t allowed free speech man! No shit! Their orange overlord is in fact in control of the god dam country, but these poor persecuted babies! 

I mean hell man! Last man standing was cancelled! They are so fucking persecuted, right?!?! Omg! No free speech for them!

Newsflash you fucking shitfaced babies, I’m a liberal and I enjoy the show too! 

Quit your sob story bitching. You guys got your way. Stfu. I’m sick and tired of there endless whiny woe is me bullshit. Give it up already. You repeatedly live to point out you won, at least your orange maggot overlord does, so wtf is your problem?

Just want to bitch constantly?

Fuck you. 

By capturelife26


It’s interesting. 

When I’m at my weakest, why is It so hard for people to be careful?

I don’t get it. At all. 

They must know something I don’t. But who the hell knows what that is. Wish they could clue me in. 

By capturelife26