Bye, blog. You’ve got nothing for me now either.

By capturelife26

I’ve got my book and I’ve got candy crush. What more do I need.

By capturelife26

Twitter 💩

I need to create a Twitter and have twitter responses to Tiny’s tweets. Tiny is chief pussy grabber and hate spreader.

A lot of the anger we see today is because of the president. He’s incapable of accepting responsibility for any of his actions. I blame his parents. Giving your son a million or more to give him the impression he’s a real businessman did him no favors.

He can continue to blame the media. But he’s a shit and I don’t need a newspaper to tell me that. All I have to do is listen to what comes out of his mouth.

Or, in this case, his twitter feed.

By capturelife26


Sometimes it’s odd thinking you’re out there living in the sane world with me. You witness the same things. I wonder what you’re thoughts are. What you stand by. What you really believe and what side you go with.

You’re free now. You’ve been given your 2nd chance. What are you doing with it?

Sometimes I wish I knew…. sometimes I’d rather forget this altogether.

By capturelife26


This is a very good day for the #notall….

Fill in the blank. I won’t even bother.

That crowd is out in full force.

By capturelife26

Any man out there toasting Brett Kavanaugh’s win with a beer, I hope there’s a special place in hell for you. That type of man is a sick disgusting pig. Hope you choke on that beer. 🖕

Of all the shit I’ve already seen today, this pisses me off the most!

By capturelife26


Im scared. Every day. But I’ve been through so much with only my own hand to hold.

By capturelife26